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Jiangyin Yida Decoration New Materials Co., LTD.
Mainly manufacturing PVC homogeneous flooring rolls
The company team has been engaged in PVC industry for more than 30 years. Since 2007, Weida (Jiangsu) Building Materials Co., LTD was established and officially put into production in 2015, mainly engaged in the RESEARCH and development, production and sales of PVC commercial composite coil. In 2019, jiangyin Yida Decoration New Materials Co., LTD., the main manufacturer of PVC with transparent floor coil...
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    Cooperation brand
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    Customer satisfaction is over 98%
Why choose YIDA decoration?
  • Quality assurance

    High-quality multi-functional homogeneous core floor;

    Polyurethane deep strengthening special treatment;

    A variety of classic colors for choice;

  • Widely used

    Dedicated to providing users with creative new technology;

    Pattern design and operation maintenance;

    It is widely used in various scenarios;

  • Credit management

    Create a harmonious business philosophy

    People-oriented and advancing with The Times design concept

    Customer first, casting word of mouth service concept

  • System services

    Pay attention to every need of every user

    Have a professional design team, construction team

    Standardized management service system

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